7 days a week
11AM till 10PM

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182I
1012 SJ Amsterdam

Since serving up its first burger in 2012, THE BUTCHER brand has reached legendary status in Amsterdam, with eight locations in Amsterdam, Berlin, Ibiza and Manchester.

THE BUTCHER on Albert Cuypstraat is the original, located in the heart of Holland’s most famous market and the city’s trendiest neighbourhood, ‘De Pijp.’ THE BUTCHER is a stylish burger bar serving top-quality burgers, prepared on the spot using only the freshest ingredients. The relaxed atmosphere of THE BUTCHER, excellent food, edgy interior design and professional service level make THE BUTCHER on Albert Cuyp the place to be in Amsterdam.

True to its metropolitan locations, THE BUTCHER is a full service concept opening from 11 AM until 10PM. Whether you crave a late breakfast, a tasty lunch, a hearty dinner or a late snack, THE BUTCHER is the place to be.

‘THE BUTCHER’ – the name says it all. The chefs choose to work only with the best quality meat: Aberdeen Angus beef thus committing to creating the ultimate burger. From the choice of meat to the selection of herbs, the freshest vegetables and the magic signature sauces, right down to the homemade semi-brioche bun, THE BUTCHER stands for the ultimate in quality.

International hospitality entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo, co-founder of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP and renowned Amsterdam hot spots MOMO, IZAKAYA, MR PORTER, THE DUCHESS, Do Not Disturb and SHIRKHAN developed and perfected the concept of THE BUTCHER – and of course – the ultimate burger.

And it’s bloody delicious!

THE BUTCHER Amsterdam by The Entourage Group

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